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Informative Material

In this section you will find a lot of relevant and interesting information:
published articles, interviews with important professionals in the sector,
information about our products…

The truth about medicinal plants

HISTORICAL USE. FROM FOLK KNOWLEDGE TO SCIENTIFIC PROOF The use of medicinal plants is as old as mankind. Ancient civilizations already obtained from them the remedies for their health, and during centuries "medicines" came from nature. It was not until the late nineteenth century, with the develo (…)

New Curry and Barbecue Veggie Burgers

Soria Natural adds two new products to its wide food catalogue:  The Curry and Barbecue Veggie Burgers. As the rest of our burger range, they are made with selected ingredients from organic farming and have been cooked at low temperature to maintain the greatest quality of their nutrients. The new Curr (…)

And for dessert… traditional recipes with 100% vegetal ingredients

Soria Natural widens its range of organic desserts with three new products: soya drink curd, rice drink custard, and rice drink custard with cocoa. Soria Natural new desserts are made with 100 % vegetal ingredients and they constitute the ideal choice to make people with food  intolerances enjoy tradit (…)


Soria Natural recently launched a new variety of seitan: spongy seitan. It is organic and very healthy, because it does not contain cholesterol. It is ideal for frying, baking, grilling or for preparing your favorite stews. It is suitable for vegetarians and vegans. For its excellent flavor, aroma and t (…)

Quefu, the 100% vegetable "cheese"

Quefu is elaborated with the soy drink, ferments and sea salt following the typical manufacturing processes of traditional cheeses. It comes in two delicious varieties: cured and semi-cured, depending on the time of maturity. It is organic and has numerous advantages: high in vegetable proteins, lactose fre (…)

Granidox, organic drink of pomegranate, blackcurrant and mangosteen.

It is made from fresh fruits, no cholesterol (0%) and has low fat content. Granidox is a drink with high antioxidant capacity, it provides up to 20,000 soluble ORAC units per intake (1 cup 200 ml) to our diet, this is an amount 3 times higher than the amount suggested by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) t (…)

Organic balsamic Apple vinegar

The apple vinegar is a natural substance obtained from the acetic fermentation of apple cider. It has some interesting properties: - Is high in mineral salts and organic matter, acetic and malic acid and with significant amounts of potassium. - The organic acids from apple vinegar help prevent the developm (…)

Whole-grain cookies, digestive and crunchy

Soria Natural's whole-grain cookies are made with wholewheat flour coming from clean crops, inulin, fructose, and vegetable fat (sunflower). They have a balanced composition and high nutritional value, that provides numerous benefits to our organism: * With high fiber content. * Free cholesterol. * Due to its (…)

Range of organic primitive Spelt pasta

The range of organic primitive Spelt pastas of Soria Natural is composed of seven different varieties: crests, spirals, small noodles, flowers with asparagus, artichoke and boletus and flat noodles with tofu and pumpkin. All these products are made with primitive Spelt flour (100%) or Einkorn (Triticum monococcu (…)

New Quinoa variety of Soria Natural

Soria Natural completes its organic vegetable drinks range with the new variety of Quinoa. This organic and 100% vegetable variety, with a smooth and surprising flavour, doesn’t contain lactose or cholesterol. It is low in fat (90% of it is unsaturated). It offers the highest Quinoa content in the market (…)

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