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Care about the health of the youngest ones!

The range of infant syrups of Homeosor is made with vegetable substances. It is designed for the wellness of the children in the house by helping to strengthen and enhance their organism. This rang (…)

EXPECTOPLUS, support for the well functioning of the respiratory system

EXPECTOPLUS is a 100% vegetable syrup made from plants, vitamins, minerals and fruit concentrates that is addressed to improve our respiratory system. It contains a unique combination of ingredients t (…)

Rest and sleep well in a natural way... Melatonina

Homeosor presents Melatonina 100% pure. Melatonin is involved in the circadian rhythm (biological rhythm) and controls the sleep-wake cycles, sleep phases and quality, body recovery overnight and a (…)

Hundred million Europeans use homeopathy

On March 23, the EU Homeopathy Day was celebrated, ending with a debate in the European Parliament. An estimated 100 million Europeans use homeopathy and bioregulatory medicine, the latter considered (…)

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