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Informative Material

In this section you will find a lot of relevant and interesting information:
published articles, interviews with important professionals in the sector,
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Natestim range, strengthens the defenses of the whole family

The Natestim range helps to improve the defense capabilities of the organism when debilitated because of harmful external attacks, among which are the responsible of the annoying colds and flu. It is produced from Echinacea, Propolis and Thyme, plants that contribute to the proper functioning of the immune system. (…)

Iuvinox, antioxidant and anti-aging

Iuvinox is a dietary supplement with a unique antioxidant power, of all-vegetable origin, obtained from the skin and seeds of black grapes, and that has been enhanced to fight free radicals in our body. Its main function is to help maintain a superior health condition providing an improved quality of life. When (…)

EXPECTOPLUS, support for the well functioning of the respiratory system

EXPECTOPLUS is a 100% vegetable syrup made from plants, vitamins, minerals and fruit concentrates that is addressed to improve our respiratory system. It contains a unique combination of ingredients that make it one of the most effective products for the care of the throat and airways. EXPECTOPLUS contains vege (…)

CELUline helps to improve your silhouette

CELUline is a product that helps in the reduction of localized fat deposits in certain areas of the body such as thighs, hips, etc., and also helps to improve renal removal and drainage. The combination of dehydrated juice of skin and seeds of black grapes, raspberry ketones, concentrated extract of butcher's (…)

DIGEPLUS, support for healthy digestion

DIGEPLUS is a 100% vegetable syrup made from plants rich in bitter principles and fruit concentrates designed to facilitate the digestion of food, helping to avoid heavy and slow digestion and relieve heaviness and swelling caused by copious and wealthy meals. DIGEPLUS contains vegetable glycerine which increas (…)

FERRIPLUS, iron helps to reduce tiredness and fatigue

FERRIPLUS is a 100% vegetable syrup made from plants, vitamins, iron and fruit concentrates designed to provide the amount of iron that the body needs and to facilitate the intestinal absorption of this mineral, conferring greater vitality. FERRIPLUS contains vegetable glycerine which increases the solubility o (…)

Mangoline helps to control appetite

Mangoline, made with the extract of African Mango seeds (IGOB 131) and Chrome, acts on the metabolism of fats. It is a specific product that helps to lose weight due to the ability to control appetite, encouraging the slowdown of gastric emptying and the decrease of the glycemic index of foods, allowing in additio (…)

Captaline helps to avoid the fats from your diet

CAPTAline, made with concentrated extract of Opuntia ficus-indica (Neopuntia), will help you to fight and block part of the fat you ingest in your daily diet, thus preventing its accumulation. What is the Opuntia ficus-indica? The Opuntia ficus-indica L (Nopal or Prickly Pear), is a tropical cactus high in 100 (…)

Uriben, support against certain urinary tract problems

Uriben is elaborated with hibiscus and blueberry extract, plants traditionally used to reduce the binding capacity of pathogens and improve resistance against persistent infections of the urinary tract. The Uriben formula ensures a supply of 40-50 mg of proanthocyanidins per tablet, which makes it extremely ef (…)

Carvimin: healthy joints, strong cartilage

Carvimin, a product made exclusively with amino acids of vegetable origin (soy and rice), minerals and vitamins, takes care of your bones and joints: * Provides the nutrients necessary for the maintenance of the normal structure of bone, cartilage and other tissues such as hair and nails. * is a source of amin (…)

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