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Phytotherapy Manual

Currently only available in Spanish
Soria Natural's technical team has prepared this very complete Handbook on Phytotherapy
that includes an updated and rigorous compilation of the characteristics and benefits of
the most widely used medicinal plants.

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Our Phytotherapy Handbook

The use of plants for medicinal purposes has been practised since time immemorial. For a long time natural remedies, especially from medicinal plants, were the main or even only remedy available to mankind. This led to a deepening of the knowledge of plants with medicinal properties, and an expansion in the expertise for using products extracted from them.

This section provides a compilation and serious and rigorous update of the plants most widely used for medicinal purposes. The aim is to try and become as well acquainted with them as possible and be able to exploit their many benefits.

For each plant there is a description of its taxonomy, habitat, history, the part used, its active ingredients, therapeutic properties, indications and contraindications, cautions for use, possible drug interactions, side effects and toxicity. There is also a section on scientific studies performed, which show that some extraordinary qualities, empirically attributed to certain plants, can be scientifically explained due to their mechanism of action or one or more of their components. In addition, photographs of the plant species used are supplied, to make identification easier.

This information is intended to be of use to the layman as well as both specialists and professional health workers.