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Pharmasor Diet

Pharmasor Diet is a project intended for pharmacies with the specific purpose of helping customers control their weight and care of their health.

What is Pharmasor Diet?

Pharmasor Diet is a nutritional counseling project available in pharmacies with the aim of promoting a healthy diet based on natural foods which favor weight control and promote health.

A pharmacist or nutritional advisor will offer you, through our Pharmasor Diet programme, customized advice regarding eating habits, always bearing in mind the following goals:

  • Teaching how to eat in a healthy way.
  • Getting the ideal weight in a safe way.
  • Enhancing and favouring healthcare.
  • Avoiding sacrifice when following the nutritional guidelines.
  • Managing to control food anxiety.
  • Once the main goal is obtained, avoiding getting back to former weight.

In addition to proposing a complete nutritional plan, Pharmasor Diet offers you a range of products specifically designed to favour weight control to help you to achieve better and more lasting results.