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In this section you can find a compilation of recipes made with
our organic products to delight the most exigent palates.

Stuffed tomatoes with tofu

Seitan escalope with curry

Middle East Skewers

Vegetable hamburger sticks of seeds with cheese salsa

Vegetable small hamburger squares with mushrooms and fried sauerkraut

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Stuffed tomatoes with tofu


- 200 g of soft mediterranean tofu
- 4 big tomatoes (approx. 250g)
- Parsley
- Oil
- Artichoke pâté (25g)
- Water
- Paté de alcachofa (25gr)
- Agua


Empty out the tomatoes. Put the tomatoes stuffing in a mortar with the mediterranean tofu and cover with water. Grind the whole ingredients with a beater. Add the oil and dust the parsley. Mix up with a spatula.
Stuff the empty tomatoes with the mixture and put an artichoke pâté spoon on top. Put them in the oven until they get brown. Decorate with a spray of parsley.