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Pharmasor, the Pharmaceutical division of Soria Natural provides pharmacies with quality natural solutions based on constant innovation.

Pharmasor, the Pharmaceutical division of Soria Natural, results from the merger of two Spanish laboratories with a wide trajectory in the pharmaceutical sector,Homeosor and Homeolab. It is a new project that arises with a clear goal:to offer exclusively to pharmacies effective and quality natural solutions based on a criterion of constant innovation and under a unique corporate image.

Pharmasor obtains most of the raw materials that are used in its products from organic crops of medicinal plants located in Garray-Spain owned by Soria Natural, and focuses on rigorous controls in the collection of plants and the production process. All this is supervised by a cutting-edge laboratory that performs relevant quality controls to products in their three phases: raw materials at source, transformation phase, and end products.

Quality Control System in accordance with ISO 9001, which was granted in 2009 by the Spanish Association for Standardisation and Certification (AENOR) and an Environmental Management Systembased on the European standard ISO14001:2004

Pharmasoris a laboratory entirely owned by Spanish capital which provides pharmacies with a wide range of medicinal and homeopathic herbal medicines and supplements.