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Informative Material

In this section you will find a lot of relevant and interesting information:
published articles, interviews with important professionals in the sector,
information about our products…

The truth about medicinal plants

HISTORICAL USE. FROM FOLK KNOWLEDGE TO SCIENTIFIC PROOF The use of medicinal plants is as old as mankind. Ancient civilizations already obtained from them the remedies for their health, and during centuries "medicines" came from nature. It was not until the late nineteenth century, with the develo (…)


Astaxansor is an innovative product of vegetable origin with a very powerful antioxidant action which aims to provide the body with one of the most effective protection systems to protect the cells from attacks by free radicals (FR). Astaxansor presents a formulation which makes it an indispensable product (…)

New Curry and Barbecue Veggie Burgers

Soria Natural adds two new products to its wide food catalogue:  The Curry and Barbecue Veggie Burgers. As the rest of our burger range, they are made with selected ingredients from organic farming and have been cooked at low temperature to maintain the greatest quality of their nutrients. The new Curr (…)


Soria Natural recently launched a new variety of seitan: spongy seitan. It is organic and very healthy, because it does not contain cholesterol. It is ideal for frying, baking, grilling or for preparing your favorite stews. It is suitable for vegetarians and vegans. For its excellent flavor, aroma and t (…)

Charge your energy with Fost Print!

Fost Print is a natural energizer that provides an extra supply of vitamins and minerals to develop daily activities smoothly. It's a great precursor of ATP, the molecule that produces energy, as it will directly supply the ingredients you need to produce it. Not all people need the same energy contribution; th (…)

Fost Print Junior... energy for the little ones!

Fost Print range is formed by different types of Energy products, which are designed for different people. Because not all people need the same energy contribution. In this case, Fost Print Junior, for the youngest ones! With Royal Jelly and Propolis. Recommended for supplementing the diet of the little (…)

Echinacea, natural stimulant of the immune system

Known as the "natural antibiotic", Echinacea is a plant that enhances the body's defenses and protects against the attack of viruses, bacteria and fungi. It is one of the plants used to prevent and treat colds and flu. It comes originally from the calcareous prairies of North America. It grows on the plains an (…)

Quefu, the 100% vegetable "cheese"

Quefu is elaborated with the soy drink, ferments and sea salt following the typical manufacturing processes of traditional cheeses. It comes in two delicious varieties: cured and semi-cured, depending on the time of maturity. It is organic and has numerous advantages: high in vegetable proteins, lactose fre (…)

Granidox, organic drink of pomegranate, blackcurrant and mangosteen.

It is made from fresh fruits, no cholesterol (0%) and has low fat content. Granidox is a drink with high antioxidant capacity, it provides up to 20,000 soluble ORAC units per intake (1 cup 200 ml) to our diet, this is an amount 3 times higher than the amount suggested by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) t (…)

Let's Eat! support for healthy digestion

Let's Eat! is one of the new syrups for children from Soria Natural. It is a preparation made from natural ingredients, plants and fruit concentrates, it is intended to whet the appetite of the little ones and to help them to have a healthy digestion of food. Its main characteristics: - 100% Vegetable - S (…)

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