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Soria Natural obtains most part of the raw materials for manufacturing its products
from its own organically-grown crops.

Soria Natural obtains most part of the raw materials used to manufacture its products from its own organically-grown crops.

Our crops are spread over a 480-hectare plantation, organic certified, and located close to the laboratory. 70 different species of plants are grown in the vicinity of the source of the River Duero, in a pure an exceptional environment at 1,200 metres above sea level. The raw materials used by Soria Natural have a high concentration of active ingredients (aka active principles) thanks to a severe continental climate and to the fact that they are harvested and dried in the precise season, in an optimal way and during the most propitious moon phase.

Our crops are irrigated with rain water and spring water through an intelligent and sustainable irrigation system, and fertilized with vegetable organic materials.

Cultivos ecológicos de Soria Natural

Soria Natural holds the CAECYL (Regional Ecological Agriculture Council) certification, in accordance with the EU regulation, which guarantees the compliance with all the criteria required to obtain the ecological quality seal.

Our company is regarded as a pioneer in Europe, since we have been able to cultivate in our ecological lands in Garray-Soria the first organically-grown ginseng plantation.