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Soria Natural is the leading laboratory in Natural Medicine in Spain.
Efficiency and quality are our company's hallmarks.

Soria Natural is the leading company in Natural Medicine in Spain. Its success is based on several pillars: a strict quality control, an ambitious research plan, development and innovation, and a strong commitment of all the professionals working here.

Soria Natural has three different divisions:

Soria Natural, as the reference trademark for Phytotherapy and Dietetics in the herbalist sector. A Food Division dedicated to the cultivation, production and commercialisation of organic certified and special foodstuff, and Homeosor, the Pharmaceutical Division that offers its catalogue of Homeopathy and Phytotherapy products and dietary supplements in pharmacies.

In addition, our company has developed the Soria Natural Golden Class project, a franchise that offers natural medicine and healthcare products, dietetic and nutritional services, and aesthetics.

Our origins

Soria Natural was born in 1982, when the Natural Medicine market in Spain was still in a preliminary stage.

The architect was Antonio Esteban, a great connoisseur of the therapeutic properties of medicinal plants. Formed as an industrial expert, he decided to devote in body and soul to his Project, Soria Natural, as a job alternative after suffering the consequences of the strong economic recession that was affecting Spain at the time.

He started with a very simple procedure for medicinal plants packing, but he knew that, in order to grow, he would have to sophisticate his methods. Therefore, he set up a small factory for the recollection and transformation of medicinal plants that eventually became one of the reference labs in the Natural Medicinal Sector.

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